Who Are We?


Tancook Bell is a small private school in the heart of Nepean, Ontario and founded in 1999.

While travelling to and from Tancook Island, Nova Scotia,  a creative teacher named Bonney Hunt noticed the Tancook Bell; the buoy that marks the entrance to Tancook's harbour. A buoy serves to navigate sea vessels; it also sustains and encourages the human spirit, and "Tancook" translates to "facing the open sea".

Everyday Bonney passed the buoy and was nourished by Tancook's people and the essence of island life.  Gradually, a metaphor emerged, a metaphor for education and Tancook Bell School was born.

Facing the open sea, uplifted and encouraged means...a confident, supported, successful student.





In our third year of operations, a passionate woman named Lee-Anne Boucher came across Tancook Bell School and fell in love with the philosophy. With her area of expertise helping children and youth, she decided to get on board this phenomenal vessel and build it.  Now fourteen years later, she is a navigational beacon for the Tancook community.

                                                 Our story really begins here....


Our very first graduate currently attends Queen's University Law school.  In grade seven, he was told he would never make it to college, let alone university.  With perserverance, support and caring guidance from Tancook Bell, he is now on the path of his own design.

Another graduate arrived at Tancook Bell in grade nine.  Labeled with a learning disability, she was told she would never live independently.  Not only is she living on her own, she is also a published author of a children's novel. 

These are two of many student success stories.


We believe...


           We believe in nurturing the student with encouragement and compassion

          We believe in forming positive interpersonal relationships

          We believe in meeting the student where they are

          We believe that students will succeed when we put our faith in them

          We believe learning is pleasurable



Our job as parents, educators and as part of society is to provide a safe haven for our children.  This is our priority, as I know it is yours.


Come see us or give me a call.

lboucher@tancookbell.ca or 613-983-0219



 When Do We Start?


Our school generally follows the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Education year, with the exception of a two-week March Break.

School Hours- 8:00a.m.-3:30p.m.  Classes begin at 8:45 a.m. and end at 3:05p.m.


28 Northside Road Ottawa, ON Tel: (613) 983-0219